DARON was founded in 1959, as the result of a family’s shared idea of providing comfort and human contact to sailors who, having crossed the oceans in often hard conditions, put in at Pointe Noire, in the Congo.

We still uphold these values today, and it the same spirit that drives us to answer your needs by delivering evermore suitable products, whatever your environment. They are what drive us to respond to your requirements and always to bring you the most suitable products for your environment, be it hospitable or extremely hostile.

Over the decades, by respecting its commitments DARON has successfully built up, through its business partners, an entire network of reliable, complementary areas of expertise.

Drawing on their experience and their excellent knowledge of the European, African, American and Asian continents, our teams manage four business areas.


Our global scope of activities is at your disposal for specific, customised products and services.We will discuss with you and implement for you the solution that best fulfils your requirements and your projects.

Patrick Daron

conception : RBL communication - Crédits photos : Getty Images