SAM Gabon

Located in several countries in Africa for over 50 years, we have developed a dedicated network of reliable partners. This network enables us to make deliveries all around the african coast in a trustworthy environment.

SAM Congo in Pointe Noire, SAM Gabon in Port Gentil, and SAM Angola in Luanda have mobilized their resources and teams to provide your with dedicated solutions and meet your various supply needs - food, bonded stores, cabin stores, engine stores, equipment and technical products..


Sam Gabon  ISO 9001

Sam Congo
Our location in the city centre and near the port area allows our teams to be closer to our customers and to supply orders quickly and efficiently.

SAM Gabon also offers full services to Port Gentil's wholesalers and has a retail outlet, Quai Rivière, open to individuals.
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Company means & Figures

Total storage space

6 000 cbm

Total storage space - Sam Congo

Dry storage space

3 600 cbm

Dry storage space - Sam Congo

Reefer storage space

2 400 cbm

Reefer storage space - Sam Congo

Number of Delivery vehicles

10reefer trucks
2 delivery pick-ups

Number of Delivery vehicles - Sam Congo

Number of persons ready to meet your needs

53 people

Number of persons ready to meet your needs - Sam Congo

The SAM GABON team

Managing Director of SAM Gabon, Jean-Luc manages the teams and port facilities in Port Gentil.

Privileged contact with our main customers, he is available to accompany and advise you in your future shipchandling operations in the area or to assist you for your sourcing and supply chain needs.

Jean-Luc Laissy

Jean-Luc Laissy

Operations Director, his mission is to activate all the company’s means so that deliveries to your vessels can take place in the best conditions.

Reliability of service and meeting your needs and demands guide his daily action.

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Benoit Peronnet

Benoit Peronnet

In charge of the technical department at SAM Gabon, he is your contact and key player for all technical consumables like oils, paints, chemicals for tools, PPE or fittings, and so on.

Thanks to his familiarity with our customers’ needs, Lucas can offer or source major brands or their equivalents, and inform you of their local availability.

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Lucas Magne

Lucas Magne

In charge of our foodstuff department at SAM Gabon, she is your contact and key player for all on board victualling and consumable needs.

In constant contact by email or telephone, Nadine guarantees responsiveness and reliability for your requests, and is also able to offer other substitute solutions for missing products, and thus contribute to your ship replenishment needs.

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Nadine Ngobabu Kalala

Nadine Ngobabu Kalala

Théo is your most reliable partner during delivery. Thanks to his daily presence at your side, on board quayside, he makes sure that your deliveries take place in the best conditions for absolute quality and reliability.

He gathers together your remarks and needs, and ensures that they are met 100%.

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Théophile Tombo

Théophile Tombo

Célian organises delivery schedules and shipping preparation. When loading, he makes sure that your products match your order, both in quality and quantity.

Reachable by radio, telephone or email, his daily preoccupation is to make sure that your deadlines are met and to inform you on the status and advancement of your order.

Celian Carlach

Celian Carlach

Manager of the SAM GABON supermarket, Joël organises himself on a daily basis to make sure that our customers are satisfied that they can find varied quality products at low prices at Quai Rivière.

Joël is also in charge of the restaurant and hospitality clients in Port Gentil, customers who rely on him for their specific needs and his dedication to them.

Joël Maigret

Joël Maigret

SAM Gabon is a Hempel brand agent.
We have a tinting machine to offer you the entire range of colors starting at 1 liter quantities.

SAM Gabon is a Hempel brand agent.<br>We have a tinting machine to offer you the entire range of colors starting at 1 liter quantities.